Glee-o-meter is a simple Angular 7 application focused on the interaction with a Spring REST server.

The data-centric application offers a basic user-management section, with the possibility to sign-in new users. Each user can manage a list of glee-levels, each one associated to a date, time and a comment. There are three different roles:

  • Admin: has full permissions on the whole data
  • User manager: has permissions on user data
  • User: has full permissions on owned glee data.

The application has the following features:

  • data access with pagination, sorting, ordering and filtering;
  • CRUD operations on whole data;
  • sign-in to permit the registration of new users;
  • authentication based on oauth2 JWT, with token refresh;
  • consumes REST resources /api/glee, /api/users and /api/signin

The server side is implemented with Spring boot, slightly customized to run on Google App Engine. Server implementation features the following:

  • oauth2 JWT authentication with spring-boot, using grant types password and refresh token;
  • publish 2 authenticated REST resources /api/glee, /api/users and one public /api/signin for user registration;
  • method-level authorization based on @PreAuthorize and @PostAuthorize;
  • data access based on logged user’s permissions;
  • Spring based JSR-349 data validation;
  • CORS configuration for running separated local server and client development environments;

A running version is deployed on Google App-Engine cloud.

Available users are:

User email Password Role pwd Admin pwd User manager pwd User pwd User

Angular source code is available in the github repository glee-o-meter.

Spring source code is available in the github repository spring-glee-o-meter.

See below some screenshots.

Glee management

Glee detail

User management