Public site and related Content Management System (CMS) development for Ducati Motor Holding spa. The customer requested to have the possibility to work on the site’s content at a level of detail and customization that was unprecedented at that time.

A small software company earned the contract for Ducati Motor Holding’s site building. This meant the building of the site and at the same time a whole redesign of the company’s CMS in order to suit the customer’s needs. All to be done in just six months.

My focus was most on the site’s engine, i.e. the CMS’s backend and user interface. The added features were:

  • Dynamic templating: possibility to change the template of every page choosing from a predefined set; a template is defined as a container of other templates, and a set of hierarchical constrainsts is applied in order to exclude all incompatible inner templates;
  • User-friendly and powerful CMS’s interface: the CMS’s user interface is capable to manage the page’s template selection in a user-friendly mode: the page composition process is fully dynamic and with the possibility to have a preview of the front-end page before saving the result;
  • Automatic resize and crop of images: Automatic resizing and cropping of the available images in order to meet the requirements defined by the active template;
  • Rule based publishing: Multiple templates can be defined for a page, making the publishing of the new content almost instantaneous and with the possibility to publish content automatically in the future.



The project was under my responsibility for the technical aspects. My role was to maintain project ownership on the CMS redesign and to manage customer’s requests from a technical perspective.

My duties were:

  • Technical relationships with customer, in order to collect and analyse technical specifications
  • Functional analysis and software design
  • Times and costs estimation
  • Team leadership
  • Software development

Technology stack

Java Struts Hibernate jQuery PostgreSQL DB Linux Server Tomcat